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Flipdown Steering Wheel Spinner
This FlipDown Suicide Knob is the nicest necker knob on the market. With a push of a button this steering wheel spinner will flip down out of your way. There are many pictures ...
Price: $20.99
Suicide Knob, Steering Wheel Spinner, or Brody Knob. Whatever the name they are a cool addition to any steering wheel. The suicide knobs for steering wheels are a popular addition to any Street rod or Hot Rod. The steering wheel spinner was popular back in the 50's so you could drive with one hand and wrap the other around that special someone! The brody knob is a great retro custom car look, and is great for the handicapped. Please check your state and local laws for the legality of the steering wheel spinner in your state. These suicide knobs for steering wheels will fit most steering wheels from the old skinny style the newer fat styles.
Chrome Skull Suicide Knob
Heavy Duty Aluminum Suicide Knob
Steering Wheel Spinner
Heavy Duty Steering Wheel Spinner
Reg Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $14.99
Flipdown Steering Wheel Spinner
Deluxe Flipdown Steering Wheel Knob
8 Ball & Pool Ball Suicide Knob
Reg Price: $26.99
Sale Price: $24.99